The campaign for Cleveland Central Catholic offers a wide range of opportunities for donors at all levels to make a difference in the quality and future of our school. You can participate in the campaign by making a commitment that permits both flexibility and time to complete the payment.

Because the school’s needs are urgent, we hope that most commitments will be completed within 30-60 months. However, if you require a longer period of time to complete your commitment, we would be very pleased to work with you to arrange such a gift.

There is a variety of ways you can make a gift to to the Campaign for Cleveland Central Catholic. Each presents certain advantages. All, of course, are tax deductible within the limits specified by the IRS code. We would recommend that you consult with an attorney or financial advisor when planning your commitment.

To make a gift, contact President Leo Hyland at 216.641.2001 or Director of Advancement Tip Hosack at 216.441.4700 x224

Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash

Qualify for a charitable deduction in the year given and are limited to 50% of your adjusted gross income annually. Any amount given over this limit is eligible for a five year carryover.

Ways to Give

Appreciated Securities

Held for more than one year, permit a donor to use the full value of the security at the time of donation as a tax deduction, while avoiding the capital gains tax that would be imposed if the security were sold.

Ways to Give

Gifts of Property

Including residence, farm, vacation home, jewelry, art, etc., can provide significant benefits to the school and the donor. The specialized help of appraisers and tax advisors is necessary to make such a gift.


Ways to Give

Gifts of Life Insurance

Can provide a way to make a sizable gift at a relatively low cost. Again consulting with your attorney or tax advisor is important.

Ways to Give

Bequests & Life Payment Plans

Are excellent ways to participate in the campaign at levels you might not ordinarily consider. These include a bequest in one’s will as well as various trust instruments. Our team of professionals will be happy to assist your own financial advisors in finding an attractive plan for your particular situation. The main consideration in making any type of gift to the campaign is to find a way that brings joy to you and your family – joy in supporting a cause in which you believe and value.